Report from Eiqu9aik

This report has been automatically generated. Data marked with a * is under development.

Differential Pressure
Hot Water
Central Heating Pressure
Central Heating Balancing


Version 1.34

  • Radiator balancing panel added to report. This is based on recorded data from last central heating run lasting longer than 10 minutes. After 10 minutes the system records the error in heating temperature, rounded to 3C, and totals the times spent for each range of error. The balancing figure currently represents the percentage of time spent within 3C of target. A warning is attached to systems where this is less than 30%, with an alarm attached to systems that have seen less than 1% of time at target.

Version 1.33

  • Valves and controls added to 3D model data structure.

Version 1.30

  • This report is now available at The report is based on latest data, so may change by the second.
  • 3D Dashboard is now available at So far it is just proof of concept, providing the standard LED alarm panel in 3D, along with a pipework layout in 3D colour coded to temperature, with diameter linked to flow rates (work in progress). Thoughts include a pressure drop map to pinpoint blockages in pipes or filters, or open bypasses. This system uses Three.js has high end 3d capabilities including textures, realistic rendering, and can import 3D models from CAD.

Version 1.29

  • SMS Service Support now in use, on 07418344022, texts only. Supports various commands, with help as the start point. Engineers use the command service followed by the 16 digit HIU serial number. The system is now our default mechanism for recording service calls, with engineers making live updates as they work. The full service history is recorded against the serial number, and saved to Dropbox or Nextcloud. SMS (or voice call) alarms can now be provided in addition to email alarms. This is via the same platform, Clicksend, that provides the postal letter services.

Version 1.28

  • The high DP alarms have been reduced to warnings, unless there are multiple cases.
  • RED LEDs now reflect a need for intervention. At point of typing this, there is only one continuous RED on central heating pressure (below vessel pre-charge), one intermittent (on the border), and an intermittent RED on one property's communications, reflecting the way the occupant powers the HIU off.
  • Legionella mode is now linked to volume of primary water drawn over the past 48 hours. If more than 20 litres of primary have been drawn by an HIU, the system will turn off the Legionella Mode, and turn back on if less is used.

System Summary

Number of properties39
Number of unoccupied properties *
Estimated occupancy *
Estimated primary volume drawn to date (litres)106866

Network Temperature

The network supply temperature is measured as delivered to HIUs on the system, using the highest reading. The graph details both flow and volume weighed HIU return temperature.

VWART Return Temperature Performance

The gauges below provide key indicators as to the performance of properties based on the volume weighed average return temperatures (VWART). The DHW (domestic hot water) VWART includes any keep warm flow to systems.

Differential Pressure Performance

Figures for differential pressure are updated by HIUs during stable tap events (typically 30 seconds or longer). A mimimum of 0.5 bar is generally advised for HIU operation, and a maximum of 2.5 bar.

Maximum DP is too high.
Confirm pumps are controlled to setpoint DP.

Domestic Hot Water Performance

Figures for DHW tap temperatures are updated by HIUs after 30 seconds outlet run time.

The chart below provides an accumulated total of the volumes of primary water drawn by each property for the purposes of hot water, including keep warm. This provides an indication how DHW load on the plantroom varies over the day historically, and allows us to predict baseline DHW loads.

Central Heating Pressures

Pie Chart of Load*

Recorded Data

The form below provides access to historic data recorded on Thermal Integration's website ( Data is recorded every 10 seconds.

Current Weighed Return Temperature (vwart_tHo):
Historic Weighed Return Temperature (vwart_t):
Minimum Differential Pressure (dpMin):