Welcome to the IHIU Web Interface.

This web site provides all the online services for our IHIU control systems, incuding data storage, online dashboards, graphing functions, and software updates.

Your IHIU controller should automatically connect to this site when powered up, and will periodically send sensor data, fault codes, and requests for services to the site.

To access your systems, you need to register on this site using the same email you used when setting up your IHIU controller.  Once logged in, all your systems will be accessible from the menus, or from the homepage.

For visitors to this site who are unfamiliar with the IHIU control platform, it is a general purpose, open source electronic controller, loaded with a suite of software that can be updated as required to convert the controller to different functions.  A growing number of packages are available from a wood pellet boiler monitor, through to a building automation system, along with a variety of sensors, actuators, pumps, relays that can be used to connect the IHIU controller to equipment.

Further information can be found on our Wiki site as follows: